Clockwork Voltage Goes Clubbing

Clockwork Voltage had its first clubbing event at Club Channel Zero, Ljubljana on 26.4. with all-modular live sets by BeatMyth, DUF, Mind Machines, Lowlander, Yila and Zergon. The latter three’s live performance was also streamed on YouTube. Here’s a video of my live performance with Buchla 208 + 248 and Machinedrum. p: Izak Kermc

Easel Explorations Pt. 3

The new instalment in the Easel Exploration series brings new sonic noodling this time with a new addition to the 208 – MARF 248, as a sequencer and a modulation source.

Vinyl Fabrika: Faznbrifer live X Clockwork Voltage

>>> Vinyl Fabrika: Faznbrifer live X Clockwork Voltage je serija dogodkov, ki ga organizira MKC Maribor v okviru projekta konS, kjer glasbene stvaritve slovenskih live acterjev v živo posnamemo na unikatno vinilno ploščo. Cilj je predvsem vzpostavitev zanimivih in neobičajnih sodelovanj, izmenjavi mnenj in druženju, spoznavanju analognega zvoka in njegovega zapisa na gramofonsko ploščo. Izbrani…

Easel Explorations Pt. 2

The second part of the Easel Exploration series brings more erratic tones and sonic twists. Here I also used the Portabellabz 208 ToolBox card for extended control of Buchla 208’s functions.

Clockwork Voltage Vol.1 – Happy Little Voltages

The first compilation Happy Little Voltages is dedicated to the promotion of local production with the participation of 17 Slovenian producers. Since it is the first edition of its kind, which offers us an insight into current production with modular synthesizers in Slovenia, we will witness a marathon for the ears that will demonstrate the…


Three excerpts from a recording of my modular synth set recorded at Clockwork Voltage live session at osmo/za, Ljubljana, 17.10.2022. The full recording can be found

Clockwork Voltage: Modular Synth Meeting

Clockwork Voltage meetings represent the momentum of the Slovenian community, which is united by enthusiasm for modular synthesizers. While we are witnessing an ever-increasing expansion and interest in creating with modular synthesizers abroad, a good number of creators active in various fields of art have appeared on Slovenian soil in recent years. In addition to…

Art Meets Radical Openness 2022

I was selected to perform at this year’s Art Meets Radical Openness Festival in Linz, Austria. Live techno-esque audio improvisation using a DIY Buchla 208 Music Easel clone and an analogue kick drum to spice things up. The complexity of a DIY Buchla synth is audible by its sonic possibilities and variations. And under the…

Dolos EP

DOLOS shaped concrete tetrapods, enormous sea structures for waves prevention, reflect the soul of modern brutalism and serve as one half of the conceptual background behind the first stand-alone release by the Ljubljana based producer/sound artist Zergon. The other half of the conceptual background behind the name DOLOS is pointing at its mythological connotation, as…