New eurorack modular case

“Modular synthesizer system is a living, ever evolving organism” – Sir David Attenborough

In my 5+ years of mangling with modular synthesizers, I’ve used (and eventualy replaced) several different cases. Each of them has served me well for some time. As a growing demand for more (and wider) modules, I therefore had to get a new case.

Last year I decided to build myself a 12U 84HP portable case. After gathering ideas for what type of case I’d like to build, I settled on a mix between MDLR case and ArkSine case. It’s a double 6U boat with a distance ring in the middle, so I can close it patched. I drew the plans, bought the material and booked a slot at Matija‘s workshop. Matija also helped a lot with cutting the wood and glueing/nailing/putting together the boxes. I used 12 mm plywood for sides and 8 mm plywood for bottoms. Then I painted the case with Warnex paint, attached the corners and other hardware, installed the power modules and bus boards, and finally the rack rails. As seen on photos, I installed the power modules on the inner side of case – that way I saved 4HP on the rack rails. I’m really happy how the case turned out – it’easy to fold it / unfold it, it’s quite light and portrable as well as ergonomic to play with.

Here’s a list of vendor I got the material from:

– wood – Slovenijales (local wood and hardware store)

– corners, Warnex pain and other hardware – Thomann

– rack rails and bus boards – ModularSynthLab

– power modules and power supply – Konstant Lab

– Euro header adapter – Genus Modu