Easel Explorations Pt. 1

As a DIY enthusiast, I decided to build myself a Buchla 208 – Stored Program Sound Source a.k.a. the Music Easel. Although it wasn’t the easiest project, I still managed to finish it and calibrate it as well.It’s an amazing instrument. Every time I play it, I’m blown away by its sonic properties and possibilities.

Interview for Popscotch

Popscotch focuses mostly on discovering and promoting smaller record labels and DIY initiatives, and on the music front they will introduce you to progressive and new electronic sounds, new (digital) folklore and the history of alternative and experimental music. Through the organization of events, concerts and DJ evenings, they will try to better network the…

Senzorama vol. 1

My track Headbump was released on Senzorama vol. 1 compilation released by ZARŠ – Založba Radia Študent. Senzorama, a radio show at Ljubljana’s cult Radio Študent, is celebrating its first anniversary with a compilation of local musicians and producers working in the field of ambient, experimental and electroacoustic music. Such musical expressions being in the…

embryoroom collaboration

New York-based artist embryoroom (Edward Paul Quist) invited me to remix a track for his extended album. Before the release, he did Embryogallery Festival – a two-part online event with audio and video performances by artists that embryoroom also invited for collaboration. PART 1 PART 2

FCKXMS compilation

This isn’t a good time for Christmas. In fact, it’s never a good time for Christmas. Therefore in our traditional technoburlesque spirit in the month of December, we’re celebrating with the jubilee 50th Kamizdat release, the compilation FCKXMS.

Shiny Protons Bursting

Presenting new sonic adventure, all tracks were recorded using SOMA Lyra-8 as a sound source.This EP is as turbulent as this year has been. The cover is a detail from an art installation Chinatown (2013, 2020) by Slovenian artist Maruša Meglič (www.instagram.com/marusameglic/). Courtesy of the artist.

Mastering for a sound installation

Occasionally, and mostly for friends, I do some audio mix/mastering as well. I recently did the mastering for Robertina Šebjanič‘s installation Atlantic Stories: Cetorhinus maximus & Limaria hians.

Sound booklet Steklenik 2018/2019

Sound booklet Steklenik 2018/2019 summarises the sound works presented at Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana (Gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art). It was released by Cona Institute as a booklet with USB stick, limited to 150 copies. It also features a composition from Sound Disposition / Crystal Gardes installation (with Robertina Šebjanič and Ida Hiršenfelder).