Sound booklet Steklenik 2018/2019

Sound booklet Steklenik 2018/2019 summarises the sound works presented at Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana (Gallery for sound, bioacoustics and art). It was released by Cona Institute as a booklet with USB stick, limited to 150 copies. It also features a composition from Sound Disposition / Crystal Gardes installation (with Robertina Šebjanič and Ida Hiršenfelder).  

New eurorack modular case

“Modular synthesizer system is a living, ever evolving organism” – Sir David Attenborough In my 5+ years of mangling with modular synthesizers, I’ve used (and eventualy replaced) several different cases. Each of them has served me well for some time. As a growing demand for more (and wider) modules, I therefore had to get a…

SONICA 2019 – 11! Varuhi / Sentinels

SONICA is a festival of (electronic) music as well as sound and experimental art. In a way, it is conceived as a showcase of the annual programme produced by MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art. Its experimental nature questions exhibition and staging formats, crossing borders between art and theory, object and performance. This year’s artists…

od:vod 2019

This year’s od:vod festival was, due to certain circumstances, relocated to Ljubljana. Day-time programme was happening in beautiful Park Tivoli, and night-time in different clubs. I played a live set on Friday afternoon under big tree branches in Park Tivoli.

Experimental Story

Experimental Story Inspired by true events. from Ludovich with Love 018: Zergon Live To be alive means to live. Live and breathe. What does it mean to lead a life full of fear? Does it mean that you haven’t lived yet or that you are living in a lie? Or does it mean that you…


After releasing my tracks on various compilations, I’ve decided to start my own Bandcamp page. First release here is a 2-track Tunse EP, but more to follow. This EP is free/pay-as-you-wish.