Clockwork Voltage: Modular Synth Meeting

Clockwork Voltage meetings represent the momentum of the Slovenian community, which is united by enthusiasm for modular synthesizers. While we are witnessing an ever-increasing expansion and interest in creating with modular synthesizers abroad, a good number of creators active in various fields of art have appeared on Slovenian soil in recent years. In addition to the established names, the world of modular synthesizers also includes many unknowns who diligently tweak around in the shelters of their home studios and practice oscillating in everyday life.

Through the Clockwork Voltage platform, the community of the Slovenian modular scene manifests itself and will continue to offer various meetings and events aimed at experimenting and presenting production with these fascinating machines.

The first synth meeting was held at Ljubljana’s Radio Študent as a part of the night program, between midnight and 5 AM.

p: Emil Jalovec

photos by Emil Jalovec (b&w), Jaka Berger – Brgs