Maruša Meglič – Privlačna sila (Attractive Force)

Visual artist Maruša Meglič invited me to write an audio piece for her video installation Privlačna sila (Attractive Force).

With the artwork Attractive Force in the form of a video, she explores the visual poetics of the action of basic physical forces on various materials. In small, controlled environments, the artist creates conditions where the meeting of two or more elements triggers simple reactions. Through an aestheticized view of the camera, these environments are transformed into fluid landscapes with a surreal atmosphere. The artist’s work is inspired by the visual, physical and semantic properties of materials and objects from everyday life. However, these atypical ‘artistic’ materials, which can be found in cosmetic, food and construction stores, give it its characteristic expression.

The video was projected on a facade of Miran Jarc library in Novo Mesto between 16th and 28th March 2021.

Curator of the exhibition: Adrijan Praznik
Exhibition producer: Simulaker Gallery / LokalPatriot
The project was supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Novo Mesto