Dolos EP

DOLOS shaped concrete tetrapods, enormous sea structures for waves prevention, reflect the soul of modern brutalism and serve as one half of the conceptual background behind the first stand-alone release by the Ljubljana based producer/sound artist Zergon. The other half of the conceptual background behind the name DOLOS is pointing at its mythological connotation, as Dolos was also the name of the Greek god of trickery. Linking these ideas suits well with Zergon’s years long research of analogue and modular devices. The result is an EP with four eloquent compositions in which Zergon highlights his skill in the deconstruction and combination of various genres of electronic music: techno, breakbeat and IDM.

Aleš Hieng · music, mix
Igor Vuk · mastering
Blaž Rojs · cover art
Luka Prinčič · executive production
Andrej Pervanje · production assistance

Special thanks to: Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip), Yori and Yuki

Dolos EP is available as a digital download as well as a limited edition USB booklet.


Resident Advisor: An EP of IDM-ish experiments from a core Slovenian producer

SIGIC: Elektronski tankočutnež

Mladina: Zergon – Dolos